Online Intensive MBA


Flexibility is important, so you can take online classes without giving up the quality of your education. Students will join 6 month online intensive MBA with a curriculum that has been designed by market leaders and educational experts. This collaboration creates a curriculum that embraces rapid changes and the realities of the new economy. World Wide Science School of Business is offering business programs which are bridging the gap between academic theory and real-world application. Learn the skills you need to be an effective business leader, a creative entrepreneur or an invaluable asset to your current organization. Online Intensive MBA programs are designed by industry professionals to ensure that we deliver a program that is rigorous, relevant and current.

We Offer Online Intensive MBA in below specializations:

  • MBA in Strategic Management
  • MBA in Leadership 
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in International Business 
  • MBA in HRM
  • MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management 


Who is the  Online Intensive MBA designed for?

Online Intensive MBA students are high-calibre managers, executives and entrepreneurs who have the potential and motivation to become truly global, multi-skilled business leaders.
Students typically have more than 4 years of managerial experience, and the majority have experience of working in multi-cultural environments and in different countries around the world. 
The reasons for doing an Executive MBA are many and varied, but whatever your motivation and goals, you should be:
  1. experienced
  2. intellectually capable
  3. determined and ambitious
  4. culturally aware
  5. someone with leadership potential.
If you are looking to transform your future with our Online Executive MBA program then why not get in touch. By telling us a bit more information about yourself, it will enable us to follow up with you personally if we believe you to be a good fit for this program.

Program Details

The Online Intensive MBA program provides a solid foundation in business and management during 6 month and, through the international assignment and elective opportunities, the flexibility to specialize in an area of interest to you. The program format and content have been specifically designed to maximize your program experience and networking opportunities, whilst minimizing the need to be away from work.
The Online Intensive MBA program consists of six subjects during 6 month: 
1-Business Strategy Management
4-Entrepreneurship Management
5-International Business
6-Human Resource Management

Online Executive MBA tuition fees :

Tuition fees include:
  1. Tuition for the 6-month duration of the program
  2. Access to Learning Management System 
  3. Access to Video Channel (More than 400 professional videos in field of Business and Management)
  4. Access to Mobile Learning Content and Applications
  5. Access to International MBA Student Network 
  6. Attending the Online Webinars  
  7. Certificates 
6 Month Online Intensive MBA : USD $1500
(Include a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason)
Method of payment :
You are able to pay the fee during 6 month in 2 installment.
The Application Process
Applications for the MBA program are now open.
We want to understand your motivations for applying to the Executive MBA and how you feel the program will help you fulfill your career objectives.
We operate a rolling admissions process, which means the sooner you apply, the sooner you receive a decision. In most cases, you receive a final decision within six to eight days of submitting your completed application. 
To apply for the Online Intensive  MBA  at World Wide Science Business School, you need to complete an online application form by below link.
The admissions process for the Intensive MBA program focuses on identifying candidates who have the potential to:
  1. learn from the program
  2. contribute to the learning of the online class
  3. apply the knowledge gained to their work environment.