Benefits and Career Impact

World Wide Science's Online Executive MBA sets you apart and gives you a genuine edge. Whether your goal is to progress within your organisation, take on new or global responsibilities, or pursue an entrepreneurial route, the programme will give you the knowledge, insights and confidence to operate successfully anywhere in the world.
How will this programme benefit you?
  1. Studying whilst you remain in full-time employment enables you to improve your workplace performance from day one as you apply each new classroom concept with direct relevance to you and your organisation.
  2. The practical business expertise and the new ways of management thinking that you develop at the School change your approach to decision making and give you the ideas, inspiration and contacts to shape your future career.
  3. You will be able to move quickly and with confidence up the career ladder.
  4. You can successfully make the transition to general management from a technical or functional role.
  5. The elective portfolio allows you to specialise in certain subject areas or gain breadth across a range of business and management disciplines.
  6. You gain entrepreneurial skills to help you develop your own venture, or to implement new and innovative ideas within your organisation.
  7. You will build an international network of personal and professional contacts.
  8. How will this programme impact your career?
While still on the programme, many Executive MBA students experience increased levels of responsibility and seniority within their roles, but career advancement does not stop there. The skills learned on the programme give our graduates the ability to change career paths, start a new venture or achieve promotion within their organisation. Equipped with a new global outlook, the possibilities are endless in continuing your career trajectory.
Career impact: The Executive MBA is a transformational experience, both personally and professionally.